To report a claim by phone, call the Ohio Casualty ANYTIME Claims Service™ at 1-866-255-5530 (toll-free) anytime, anywhere. A trained customer service representative will take the claim information and begin processing it immediately, regardless of the time of day.

Our claims services include:

  • 24-hour claim reporting 365 days a year
  • Agent notification of the loss
  • Body shop referral through our PACE program
  • Glass repair through our Total Glass Solution program
  • Immediate claim processing
  • Rental car referral

After reporting your claim to the Ohio Casualty ANYTIME Claims Service, a local claims representative will contact you before the end of the next business day. If you report a serious loss — one that involves death or hospitalization, or that makes your residence uninhabitable — we will contact you that same day.

New Jersey Personal Injury Protection Claims
Effective November 7, 2011, we will be processing New Jersey Personal Injury Protection Medical Expense Benefit Claims pursuant to a Decision Point Review/Pre-certification Plan. This Plan will be administered on behalf of Ohio Casualty by Auto Injury Solutions, Inc. (AIS). Review the FAQs for more details.

In addition, all providers treating PIP patients must use the Uniform Attending Provider Plan Form to submit Decision Point and Precertification Requests to insurers. Health care providers should submit the completed form, along with a copy of their most recent/appropriate clinical notes and the results of any tests relative to the requested services to AIS via fax at 855-450-2676. The form is required to be completed in its entirety, including all legible/complete medical notes.